Monday, 13 February 2012

The Challenge!

And also, the point.

Since I tend to voice my opinions and wave my ego around in other forums (Facebook, Twitter, SFX Magazine, the streets of Winchester after closing time) there's generally been little point me having a blog.  That and the fact that I knew I'd never manage to keep it active.  However, there was one thing I wanted to document, one thing that I wanted to talk about and which I required a blog for.  And that thing is...

...fancy dress!

Yeah, not massively thrilling, is it?

But it is to me!  I hadn't been big on fancy dress for a long period of my life.  It was only when friends of mine had their first child and threw a fancy dress Halloween party a few years ago that I started to get serious about it.  And that was unintentional.

The fancy dress was meant to be for the kids, and adults could take part too if they felt like it.  I'd always had this urge to go to a fancy dress thing dressed as He-Man (for so many reasons - but mainly because I don't even have the build to be Prince Adam).  As it happened my girlfriend at the time wasn't too bad at sewing, and was taken by the idea and a slight burst of madness, and so eventually this happened...

Not ranking high on the list of most powerful men in the universe
(This picture actually taken a few years later when
circumstances required the re-use of costumes)

As it happened another friend of mine had similar ideas, and he turned up as Little Red Riding Hood.  And thus battle commenced.  With the bar set this high, we had no choice but attempt to top each other year after year.  For the moment I think that the Dweller's won that battle with this creation, but there are still many years yet to go.

This whole thing fired up my imagination though, and so when SFX magazine started holding their yearly SFX Weekender conventions, I was finally given an outlet for my crazed ideas.

"Why not just use them at the Halloween parties?" you might be asking.  Well, the simple answer is... suitability.  And not being the target of a social services investigation.  To the first SFX Weekender I decided that I needed to top the ridiculous inappropriateness of my He-Man costume, and went as...

Lower Manhattan not to actual scale

...Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan.  For some reason or other this costume caused quite a stir, especially amongst parents who learned that they shouldn't keep their kids up after the watershed whilst I was around.  This costume gained me a great deal of infamy, even ending up with my being recognised in bars in London (I think because of the hair, and not because I have a tendency of wandering around bars in London with my big blue cock out).  For the second SFX Weekender I knew I had to somehow top it, somehow had to better the shock and awe value of a big, blue cock.

And I did.

Any pain endured by one of his components is felt by all

My Barely-Human Centipede costume definitely got me noticed.  And scared off a certain Doctor Who producer.  This definitely cemented my reputation for costumes with shock and awe value, and left me with a massive problem - what the hell was I going to do to top this for the third SFX Weekender?

The answer to that question, dear reader (yes, I'm using the singular form here - not setting my hopes too high) is what the rest of this blog is for...


  1. Can I be your groupie?!! <:)

  2. Oop's.. I gue's's that mean's he ha's two reader's !! (although one might not know how to use apostrophe's ;p)